The Extensive Use of Digital Media in Modern Day Marketing and Advertising

Within Singapore, many companies did not comprehend the deep impact the web has on the lives of the masses. These companies lagged even farther as internet adoption hastened due to lower expenses and greater availability. In a way, these businesses are handicapped hence not able to expand their influence to retain any competitive advantage they may currently hold.

Big organizations had fantastic inertia and couldn’t move to digital media fast. Not long ago, an incident occurred in which a big corporation was experiencing tremendous losses due to a number of factors. Fortunately enough, these people daringly resorted to online marketing in an attempt to spare themselves from absolute failure. You may have heard of the multi-national grocer, PlanKraft.

Being one of Singapore’s biggest supermarkets and one of the leading brands in the Consumer Goods market, PlanKraft enjoyed a relatively successful and secure existence. There existed a PlanKraft store in practically every town, and had little or no rivalry with the exact same reach and size. However in September of 2013, PlanKraft’s dominance took a radical turn.

When the old Chief Executive did not make PlanKraft thrive internationally, the PlanKraft board decided to hire a new Chief Executive Officer. New CEOs mean fresh ideas, new ways of accomplishing things – and he did so, to the extent of providing PlanKraft a complete overhaul. This meant huge prices for PlanKraft and had an undesired impact on its financial state.

Furthermore, competition was really stiff in their own industry. Almost daily, a brand new firm would enter the competition, equipped with wide-ranging online marketing knowledge. It reached a point where there was a store located at basically every street in the city. All the while, PlanKraft’s standing as a household name was one of its strong points. But the branding can just prevent failure, and it did’t stop them from losing investor loyalty. As PlanKraft’s deficits were merely rising, financial backers began to get worried about their injection of more than half a billion dollars in the company over past years.

Making use of Digital Marketing to its fullest
The new CEO considered firmly in tapping on technological innovation to transform a business; that was the primary reason why he was appointed.The continuously growing competition faced by PlanKraft meant that relying completely on its online shop would definitely not be enough.

PlanKraft’s idea was to optimize the know-how of a digital marketing agency to expand their online interests. PlanKraft managed to decide on one following comprehensive review. The preferred agency had the capacities to help with all of PlanKraft’s demands.

Productiveness, value and return takes center stage in this extremely competitive era. The best strategy to live up to expectations was to maximize the potential of content marketing and control the e-commerce avenue. By fiddling with their online store design such as incorporating a Freshness button, PlanKraft got to redirect customers to a special website named “PlanKraft Freshness”. This was a microsite built to host and provide wellness-oriented content, including recipes and inspirational posts to support appropriate eating and diets.

The microsite shows that by engaging in proper the design and development of a website, they may be able to greatly benefit shoppers. The microsite’s affiliation to PlanKraft also raises brand loyalty while subtly motivating more on-line purchases. Folks are less likely to check out other web stores when PlanKraft’s is just a mouse click away from PlanKraft Freshness.


Establishing a Social Media Presence
As a result of social networking being so well received and widely-used by everyone, PlanKraft acknowledged the demand to tap on this channel to grow its coverage in the industry. Aside from using content marketing, PlanKraft’s internal team reinforced their stronghold via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.

Central management of these social media outlets enabled PlanKraft to create and transmit advertising messages in a fast and direct way. Additionally, it meant that consumers obtained up to date and relevant advice directly from PlanKraft.

The second manner is that PlanKraft can maintain greater control over its brand image online. A disgruntled customer or maybe a competitor could quite easily harm a firm’s social media reliability by signing up for a fake page. As they had zero control over these third party accounts, it was simple for their reputation to get damaged in any event the owner posted images that would be damaging to the business. An in-house social media team wouldn’t permit such activities to occur under their watch. PlanKraft will never need to cope with this difficulty as all official brand info is only going to come through online channels they command.

Speaking of developing a relationship with customers, the most significant route is customer support. The public’s perception of a business is very much based on their after-sales support services. PlanKraft provides a great template for other companies to follow. A specialized Google+ profile is dedicated to communicating only with users whilst a different profile is used for advertising messages. This helps to ensure that marketing related communication are separated, such that each account can accomplish what it has been designed to do. PlanKraft also ensured the staff in charge of the customer service accounts offer a human touch everytime they interact with customers. Customers are much likelier to have faith in PlanKraft’s support as they feel there’s another individual behind the account instead of an automated responder.

The Outcome
A well planned digital marketing strategy on PlanKraft’s component brought about concrete results: consolidated data from numerous sources pointed to PlanKraft securing almost 30% of the market share, while the closest competition held on to half of that percentage. It’d definitely resonate with senior executives during their meetings. This extremely encouraging result acts to only further strengthen PlanKraft’s trust in a digital strategy. Coupled with the development and introduction of mobile programs, it makes it even easier for consumers to buy and engage PlanKraft than what conventional means – such as designing and developing of a basic website – would ever expect to reach.

Just about any company can take a page from PlanKraft’s book. Focusing purely on conventional methods of branding and retail to sustain a company is no longer going to work. Businesses must leverage on digital media to consistently reach out to customers and establish a foothold in the digital age.

It has become undeniably apparent that establishing an internet presence through digital media is a no brainer in Singaporean business tactics. By forgoing it, a company’s share of the market can rather quickly be snatched away by the more digitally savvy competing firms.

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