Why is Digital Media Being Adopted so Rapidly?

Singaporean businesses are probably unaware of their customers’ day-to-day dependence on the internet. These companies fell back even farther as internet adoption accelerated due to lower costs and greater availability. They were not able to utilize this new medium to grow their company.

In the mean time, there exists a significant number of businesses that utilize digital marketing to its fullest. Using Alvess as an illustration, it demonstrates how a conventional retail chain goliath can effectively turn its losses into gains using digital marketing. By having a digital media platform, Alvess has stopped being restricted by physical constraints and can effectively expand and serve its customers 24/7. Alvess was a giant in the supermarket retail and Consumer Goods space; this market dominance enabled Alvess to be money-making. There was a Alvess store in almost every street, and had little rivalry with the same reach and scale. Yet, before the turn of the century, Alvess was entrenched in trouble.

Its related costs and the hiring of hiring a fresh Chief Executive Officer was the first problem. Alvess desired a brand new one as it was unsuccessful in establishing the European and Asian markets. Moreover, competition was really stiff in their own business. Newly established companies with an armory of digital marketing know-how were slowly becoming a standard event. It came to a point where there was a store located at perpetually every road in the city.


By virtue of its leadership standing and long-time presence in the marketplace, Alvess was blessed in order to prolong its edge by relying on these two – though not for very long. It took a massive hit, as shown by a 10% drop in its profits within several months. During the end of year 2011, Alvess’s net gains had fell by 6.6% and their biggest investors publicly confessed that their substantial investment in the FMCG corporation was a “huge blunder” which cost them nearly a quarter billion within 12 months.

Around then, Alvess’s web store was its only on-line presence. It was fully working and usable, but the changing competitive landscape meant that revolutionary changes to it was required; the newly appointed CEO, who was a powerful advocate of technology, was appointed just for this task – to revamp and invigorate Alvess’s on-line existence.

Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency
Their initial approach was to launch their own in house digital marketing agency by using a technology incubator that trains young tech marketers. This division would then effectively perform just like a specialized digital agency in Singapore.

Digital marketing approaches were found to be more advantageous as time went by due to its efficiency and low cost, thus funds started being channeled there from the conventional marketing resources. The first and most obvious task was to increase the revenue of their online store. Marketing via branded content was picked as the means to go to increase web traffic and participation, thus resulting in more earnings.

business decision

A specific Organics button was added to their on-line grocery store which sent users to a “Alvess Organic Treats” website. The website features food-related content such as recipes, inspirational articles, and health-related posts that are related to food. The strategic positioning of this mini site as an independent source of valuable health information is a fantastic move. That said, additionally it is very simple for users to connect to the main website, as hyperlinks to it are abound. By leaving out any sales pitch on the microsite, it helps to send a message that Alvess truly wants its patrons to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The essence of this strategy taps on consumer behavior today: they’re impatient and want fast, visible effects. This plan gives them convenience, so they’re less inclined to patronize other web stores when Alvess is so easily reachable.

Utilizing Social Media to its Fullest Extent
As a result of social media being so popular and widely-used by the masses, Alvess acknowledged the need to leverage on this channel to expand its coverage in the marketplace. Aside from using content marketing, Alvess’s inner team reinforced their position through a variety of social channels.

Central management of these social media outlets allowed Alvess to generate and send out marketing messages in a quick and direct mode. This incredible speed to market meant that shoppers were constantly exposed to the most recent products from Alvess. Next, they’re able to better determine their on-line brand reputation. In this aspect, it really is too simple for one’s on-line brand image to be destroyed by an irate customer or a challenger – this is done by setting up a fake account, usually driven by malicious objectives. As the content wasn’t official nor confirmed at the source, Alvess would have to be constantly ready for damage control whenever strikes on its brand occurred. With an in house social media department, all info would be thoroughly checked and controlled. With information coming directly from the official source, Alvess will not need to be concerned about what exactly is being disseminated online.

Whilst sales numbers are the main driver behind a company like Alvess, another critical but understated brand accentuating component is after sales service. Responding to customer concerns and working together to resolve the problem is an essential part of increasing loyalty to the brand thus resulting in repeat purchases. Here’s where Alvess truly beams.

Alvess has a dedicated Twitter profile to converse with customers. Similarly, it has other dedicated accounts for promotional purposes as well. Fundamentally, Alvess customers that require product assistance are getting a direct stream of info without having the disturbances of advertising related announcements. Ideally speaking, a customer in a dilemma will know exactly how and where to obtain trustworthy after-sales support.

A key priority would be to make certain that the customer feels appreciated. This can be achieved by dedicating “real” staff to reply to their problems in contrast to templated replies. A firm that is perceived as being customer focused and proactive in working out problems would encourage customers in general to spend more with it than at their competitors.

The Outcome
To put it simply, the evidence is in the pudding. Alvess’s digital marketing plan led to them gaining control of around a third of market share. This, as compared to their closest opponent that hung on to merely half of that. It was undoubtedly something that the top management could brag about to the board and its investors. This extremely encouraging result acts to only further strengthen Alvess’s trust in a digital marketing strategy. This would definitely make it easier for customers to purchase more from Alvess and enhance its profitability.

Alvess can be made an example for many businesses. It really is no longer a given to rely purely on branding and physical store coverage to ensure success. Continuous efforts across multiple digital channels are required to constantly engage consumers and keep a business’s competitiveness in the digital era.

Additionally, companies can’t afford to stick with their existing business practices in this day and age. Embracing digital technology is, without a doubt, an important way of attaining business success in our small country. It has become a requirement and has become so powerful that it can save even a company that’s already on its last legs.

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