By Now, Every Company Should Have Adopted Digital Marketing in Some Way or Another

The pace that the web was embraced by the world coupled by its impact on their day-to-day lives simply meant that many businesses were caught off guard. A large number of firms in Singapore found themselves being crushed by the pressure to compete with more digitally-savvy startups along with the issue of adjusting their marketing and advertising plans to an unknown medium. Large organizations had fantastic inertia and could not move to digital media quickly. There was actually a case not too long back involving one of such corporations that had been making a loss on an hourly basis. But they took a daring step towards marketing through digital media and managed to turn their fortunes approximately. The company we’re talking about here is household brand name, Vaultas.

A long time back, Vaultas was standing as a leader in the consumer goods market – thanks to locations nationwide with hardly any industry resistance. Then, in a turn of events, Vaultas faced unexpected challenges that threw it off balance in the market.

Vaultas’s Hurdles
The initial obstacle emerged with the excessive expenditures brought on by the new CEO’s restructuring program. Vaultas wanted a new one as it was unsuccessful in developing the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Additionally, the situation was aggravated by new market challengers Speiros and Mirasol. They discovered a gap in Vaultas’s industry reach and served to work the parts that were exposed to market penetration. The battle for market share was not restricted to brickandmortar constraints – minor players that generally would not be a risk leveraged on the effectiveness of digital marketing to get some ground.

Meanwhile, there was clearly a marked change in purchasing behaviour that resulted in customers adopting the relevance of low cost over brand loyalty. Such a development caused tension between Vaultas’s key shareholders when their monetary stronghold started going down hill. As a result of a 22% fall in revenue, the important shareholders collectively lost close to half a billion of their investment in February 2012 – visualize the degree of heated arguments in the corporate boardroom!

How a Digital Marketing Campaign Successfully Revived Vaultas


In order to successfully recoup Vaultas’s on-line positioning, the new Chief Executive – a supporter of technological advancement – wrangled up an inhouse online marketing department.The ever growing levels of competition that Vaultas dealt with meant that relying completely on its online store would definitely not do.

Obtaining The Services Of A Digital Marketing Outfit
The brand revamp procedure started out with the creation of a central digital marketing department within Vaultas. The objective was to standardize the different aspects that formed Vaultas’s digital marketing strategy to develop a powerful unified message. Nevertheless, it was incredibly challenging to carry on with the strategy just by expanding the internal team organically. More could be achieved by collaborating with and tapping on the knowledge of a professional marketing agency with experience digitally.

Attracting and Retaining a Clearly Defined Target audience via Content Marketing
A considerable increase with their on-line visitorship was needed for Vaultas to reinforce their ecommerce stronghold. While traditional advertising processes are still effective, it is no longer cost effective when there are digital alternatives. Marketing via branded content decidedly was the most cost effective weapon in the digital marketer’s bag of tricks.

An element of the content marketing strategy was creating an informative microsite that was linked to the Vaultas online store. The unique microsite encouraged healthy living and positive values to Vaultas customers.

In essence, Vaultas uses the microsite to efficiently dispense relevant information to would-be customers. The flow of info in the microsite to the main website was fluid and convenient thanks to the links spread across the information. By employing a great user journey during the creation of the website, Vaultas managed to link its merchandise with health focused purchasing customs. The core of this approach taps on the way consumers behave now: they are impatient and want fast, observable effects. This strategy gives them convenience, so they’re less inclined to buy from other web stores when Vaultas is so readily reachable.

Increasing Awareness via Social Media
Social media advertising was yet another vital tactical approach throughout the marketing campaign that was implemented by Vaultas. As the business was big enough, they did not need the expertise of a third-party marketing agency specializing in social media. For a start, Vaultas made the right move by signing up for their own official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google accounts.

Full control over social media translated to unobstructed transitions from concepts to execution. This remarkable speed to market meant that shoppers were consistently exposed to the newest products from Vaultas.

More notably, Vaultas kept absolute control over their online brand image. There’s very little hurdle – and too much vested interest – for anyone evil enough to sign up for fraudulent accounts to assault the supermarket giant. The creation of an official accounts instantaneously puts a stop to this threat and serves as a dependable source of info.


Initiating Excellent Support via the website
Customer care does play just about the most significant role in increasing customer trust in the brand. The perception of a company hinges on customer support dependability and effectiveness. Vaultas supplies a perfect template for other companies to follow.

Vaultas has a special Twitter profile to interact with shoppers. On a similar note, it has several other specialized accounts for sales related activities also. Fundamentally, Vaultas customers that want product assistance are receiving an instantaneous stream of info without the distractions of promotion related announcements. Ideally speaking, a customer in a dilemma will know exactly where and how they can obtain a source of reliable after-sales support.

Above all, customers of any business want to feel valued; the first step to achieving this is to have a “live” individual speaking to them and handling their problems, rather than pre-written responses which further space the business and its customers. A pleasant temperament brings style to a brand and nurtures a feel-good experience – resulting in prospective future sales.

Simply said, the evidence is in the pudding. Vaultas’s digital marketing strategy led to them gaining control of almost one third of market share. This is as compared to their closest adversary that hung on to only half of that. It was definitely something the management team could brag about to the board and its shareholders. These rewards surely inspired Vaultas to further invest into their upcoming success by fine tuning their strategy in digital marketing. This would undoubtedly help it become easier for customers to buy more from Vaultas and improve its profitability.

Main Lessons
Vaultas’s case offers many lessons. To start with, the digital age greatly affects all organizations, irrespective of how established they might be. Every player in the market can use digital marketing and social media marketing to expand its reach and compete head on with giants on an equivalent platform.

Second, Vaultas has shown just how essential digital media and an internet presence are “must-haves” in the current company landscape. Should you make the grave mistake of leaving it outside, your opponents will definitely gain that unfair advantage over you.

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