The Online Marketing Revolution

A bulk of businesses within Singapore are unable to truly understand the power of the internet upon the daily lives of its consumers. These firms fell back even further as internet adoption hastened due to lower expenses and greater availability. In many ways, these businesses are crippled thus unable to extend their influence to keep any advantage they may currently hold.

Implementations of digital media is oftentimes more difficult for bigger businesses that already comfortably engage in conventional processes. One such organization was experiencing huge loss of market share. It really is good to know though that they explored their internet marketing choices to prevent additional ruin. The business we’re talking about here is household brand name, Naturelle. Before the turn of the century, Naturelle – with its numerous stores and low competitive risk – was a marketplace giant in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Afterward, in a turn of events, Naturelle encountered unprecedented obstacles that threatened its existence in the market.

With the failure to gain market dominance outside Singapore, Naturelle resorted to employing a new Chief Executive Officer. With the employing of any top executive, quite a few corporate practices and procedures faced revising. This makeover was extremely expensive, and greatly impacted Naturelle’s financial position, putting the company in a precarious place.

In addition, the situation was aggravated by new market competitions Dunes and Serengetti. These startups focused on serving the lower and upper ends of the market respectively, were set up to take advantage of the segments which Naturelle was not serving. The fight was not limited to just the physical space – newer and smaller retailers, who knew that they couldn’t compete head-on with the big boys, employed internet marketing so as to get a part of the business.

There was also a notable change in the behaviors of consumers, where price preceded brand devotion. This radical change damage Naturelle’s books, which indisputably created a furor amongst its investors as they observed the value of their investments evaporate. A noticeable decline of 10% in profits triggered alarm bells to go off within the firm.

How a multi-pronged Online Marketing Campaign Successfully Revived Naturelle
Naturelle’s new Chief Executive Officer during that time was a proponent of digital technology and his appointment was part of an internal choice to improve their on-line presence. Despite having a fully functional online store in place, they needed to step up their game.

To execute the plan, an in-house digital marketing team was collected by the new CEO. The aim was to merge the different aspects that formed Naturelle’s strategy in digital marketing to create a powerful unified image. Nonetheless, an internal team was not able to achieve optimum results spontaneously. A more significant leverage could be put into movement with the know how of a professional digital marketing agency.

The new standard for companies at present is to achieve more with less; in Naturelle’s circumstance, it would must increase its online shop revenue using the most cost-effective method possible. The best strategy to live up to expectations was to optimize the potential of content marketing and control the ecommerce channel.

Naturelle rolled out their content marketing initiatives by establishing a microsite dubbed “Naturelle Freshest” as an extension of their e store. This microsite was dedicated completely to helping consumers eat and live more healthily.

Its presence enabled Naturelle to soft-sell itself by being educational and helpful to the customer. Needless to say, customers can head back to the Naturelle online store anytime, as there are numerous URL links to it. By employing a superb user experience during the creation of the website, Naturelle was able to connect its products with health friendly purchasing habits. When the design and development of a website is done right, it makes it quite convenient for customers to get to where they want, fast. This strategy provides them with convenience, so they are less inclined to buy from other online retailers when Naturelle is so readily reachable.

With social networking being so popular and widely-employed by everyone, Naturelle acknowledged the demand to tap on this channel to raise its reach in the marketplace. Thus, other than content marketing, Naturelle also used social media marketing – growing their influence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter – which was managed by their marketing team.

Direct management of these social networking accounts meant that Naturelle could circulate their promotional messages as and when they were finalized. In this way, customers always receive the most recent info on the exciting in-store promotions.


Next, they may be able to better determine their online brand perception. A dilemma arises when a customer or even a competition establishes an unofficial social media presence under their name. With zero power over what is being posted by these third parties, one can anticipate some majorly dangerous impacts. With an in house social media agency, all info would be thoroughly checked and controlled. Naturelle will never need to deal with this problem as all official brand advice will only come through on-line channels they command.

A great focus on online customer support
Whilst sales amounts are the primary driving force behind an organization like Naturelle, another vital but understated brand improving component is after sales service. Resolving customer problems and maintaining relationships are crucial to maintaining a loyal consumer base. Naturelle really exemplifies this great business practice. For instance, Naturelle created several accounts, each designed to do a different job. The easy access to Naturelle allows customers to air their problems in one location so as not to dilute the goals of messages in other channels.

Naturelle also ensured the team members manning the customer support accounts offer a human touch everytime they connect with customers. Users are more likely to have faith in Naturelle’s support as they believe there’s another man behind the account instead of an automated responder.

The Outcome


The CEO’s initiatives reaped rewards; according to multiple sources, Naturelle now controls a market share of approximately 41%, almost 19 percentage points ahead of the next closest competitor. It was definitely something that the management team could brag about to the board and its shareholders. Their stronghold in the marketplace is certainly ready to expand as they carry on developing their plans for digital marketing. They are in position to make the most of their exploits into the digital world – a mobile app (that could exist across smartphones and tablets) is said to be in the works. These applications should help them achieve an even broader audience outside of traditional design and development of a website .

We’re left with quite a few key lessons from the Naturelle example. To start with, tenure and present foothold isn’t a guarantee in the digital age. Every player in the marketplace can use digital and social media marketing to extend its reach and compete head-on with giants on an equivalent stage. Digital media advertising is vital in ensuring the survivability and profitability of a Singaporean company. Being unable to maintain leverage digitally leaves one susceptible to challengers and impedes further growth and success.

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