Here’s How Social Media Marketing is Essential for Any Business

A great number of businesses weren’t ready when the Web became available and adopted by the public so rapidly. An increasing number of local firms are struggling to outperform their far more digitally inclined rivals through the unfamiliar online marketing platform.

Larger firms with deep-rooted promotion procedures have a tendency to be more irresolute in adopting the move to digital media. There was a recent incident in which a once influential multi-national company was dealing with a horrific hourly loss. Thankfully,they had the foresight to utilize digital marketing which hence kept them from closing down. You could have heard of the multi-national grocer, Sirius.

Sirius was a giant in the supermarket retail and Consumer Goods industry; this market dominance allowed Sirius to be profitable. Their shops were typically found in virtually every major community, challenged only by small family run shops. Nevertheless, before the turn of the century, Sirius was in significant trouble.

Initial dilemmas arose with an expensive company restructuring program that was kickstarted by a just hired Chief Executive. This was triggered when Sirius failed to secure a grip on international marketplaces.

Sirius soon became subjected to Murphy’s law, where if things could go wrong, they would. Virtually any opening that surfaced in the market was quickly capitalized upon by one of the companies. In no time, there was a grocery store in each and every corner of town.

There was also a notable shift in the behaviors of consumers, where cost preceded brand faithfulness. Customers cut their expenditure at the supermarket chain, and this drop was clear in its records. A noticeable fall of 10% in earnings caused alarm bells to go off within the firm.

Prior to the execution of a campaign in digital marketing, Sirius’s on-line reach was restricted to a basic e commerce site.Despite the fact that this met its basic purpose, the company was in dire need of a more productive internet marketing strategy. Because of the digitally savvy CEO, a plan was put into motion to maximize Sirius’s unexplored on-line potential.

Past a particular point, they determined that the only solution was to engage a specialized marketing agency with digital capabilities willing to manage all their on-line requirements. Sirius was able to settle on one following comprehensive evaluation. The chosen agency possessed the capacities to support all of Sirius’s requirements.

Reaching out to people subtly via Content Marketing

Marketing word cloud concept

A sizeable increase for their website visitorship was necessary for Sirius to augment their ecommerce stronghold. While conventional marketing processes are still effective, it is no longer cost effective when there are digital alternatives. Marketing via branded content decidedly was the most cost-effective tool in the digital marketer’s bag of tricks.

Sirius manipulated content marketing by launching a microsite dubbed “Sirius Health Food” as an extension of their e store. This one of a kind microsite advertised healthy eating and positive habits to Sirius customers.

The new informative microsite is an expression of the direction’s approach towards its web presence: an unwavering belief that a powerful emphasis on proper website development could help pull more visitors to this website. As it’s associated with Sirius branding, it helps boost trust in the brand while discreetly convincing users to shop more at their online supermarket. This too assists in psychoing online shoppers subtly and leading them to purchase more at Sirius’s online store.

Raising Awareness via Social Media

The prevalence of social media meant that Sirius would have to be there also or risk being left out. So in addition to the use of branded content, Sirius used marketing through social media into the existing plan which comprised platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which were managed by their in house team.

Creating accounts at these social networking sites has two obvious uses. The first way is clear – this acts as another channel to get in touch with customers. Each person department (e.g. frozen foods, toiletries) maintains its own accounts as well. Each report then provides offer and promotional updates to customers who are interested in those particular departments only.

Next, they may be able to better influence their online brand perception. In this aspect, it is too easy for one’s online brand image to be destroyed by an irate customer or a challenger – this is done by setting up a fake account, usually driven by malicious goals. With absolutely no influence or power over these accounts, it’d be easy for an external party to hurt the reputation of the company in question. This is a situation that an in-house social media department would never enable. With advice coming straight from the official source, Sirius will not need to be bothered about what exactly is being disseminated online.

When it comes to developing a relationship with customers, the most important route is after sales support. The way that a customer views a company is heavily determined by how the latter renders support to the former. Sirius supplies a perfect example for others to follow.

For instance, Sirius created multiple accounts, each designed to perform an alternate task. This empowered unsatisfied patrons to communicate directly with their feedback without affecting the promotional messages from Sirius to other customers.

A key priority is to ensure the customer feels appreciated. This can be established by devoting “real” people to answer to their issues in contrast to computer generated answers. This is an effective way to foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat business.

The Conclusion

The CEO’s approach worked like a charm; based on various sources, Sirius has secured a market share of about 29%, nearly 16 percentage points in front of the next closest competitor. This apparent change in the business direction was warmly welcomed by the management, the board and investors alike.


With its new strategy in digital marketing, Sirius’s future looks to a comfortable one. With the development of more online content and even cellular uses, Sirius’s commitment to technology is their catalyst to success. These programs should help them achieve an even wider demographic outside of normal design and development of a website .

Key Takeaways

A good example can made of Sirius. Focusing exclusively on conventional approaches of branding and retail to support a business is not going to work. Businesses must employ digital media to proactively engage with customers and establish a foothold in the digital age.

No matter the industry, businesses need to progress with the environment. Maintaining a quality online presence is now essential to any business in Singapore. It has grown into a basic prerequisite which plays such outstanding role that it could determine the success or failure of a company.

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