The Move to Digital Media in Singapore Today

Within sunny Singapore, most businesses failed to recognize the deep impact the online world has on the masses. The gap slowly widens as the web is used to get information and goods in a more efficient mode. They were not able to utilize this new medium to expand their business.

The businesses that managed to grasp marketing through digital media (or partnered with a qualified digital marketing agency) reaped the rewards. These businesses seen a growth in clients and a more active database. Clearly, digital marketing is a persuasive tactical device in business. There are cases in which failing enterprises were saved from closure through a comprehensive and expertly planned campaign deftly carried out by a digital agency. One particular case is with the multi national grocery chain Kerries.

A giant within the Singaporean Consumer Goods market, Kerries was regarded as among the biggest and most highly regarded grocers with decent popularity. Their shops were generally spotted in just about any major community, challenged only by small sundry stores. However, when 2013 arrived, Kerries found itself struggling for certain reasons.

The Problems

First problems arose with a costly company restructuring program that was put into motion by a recently hired Chief Executive Officer. This was the outcome of a failed endeavor to raise European and Asian market share.

In Singapore, suburban shopping malls where Kerries shops were normally located, were additionally becoming less popular. The largest challenge stems from the rise of competitors Trendato and Dyoz. These industry novices were more technologically inclined with new marketing ideas. They could raise their market stronghold by focusing on highly specialized segments of the industry. Shoppers who are on a budget flock to the German discounters Trendato while people who favor superior quality brands gravitate more towards Dyoz.


Changes in overall consumer behavior also meant that low prices trumped repeat purchases resulting from brand loyalty. This radical change damage Kerries’s books, which unquestionably caused a furor amongst its shareholders as they observed the value of their investments evaporate. Certainly, the large drop in earnings caused investors to take notice.

How Kerries Rescued Itself through a Multi-pronged Digital Marketing Campaign

So as to effectively reclaim Kerries’s online ranking, the new CEO – a lover of technological advancement – wrangled up an inhouse internet marketing team.The fast growing competition that Kerries dealt with meant that hinging solely on its online store would just not be enough.

Employing the know-how of a Marketing Agency

The initial strategy was to establish an internal agency specializing in digital marketing by recruiting innovative tech savvy marketers. This team would then efficiently perform very much like a commercial digital agency.

Reaching out to people subtly via Content Marketing

In the era of intensifying rivalry and budget cuts, businesses are compelled to produce more with significantly less. Kerries tapped on marketing through branded content as the main tool to raise estore profits and appease their shareholders.

By altering their online store format like incorporating a Recipe button, Kerries managed to direct users to a microsite called “Best Health”. This was a microsite designed to host and provide health-oriented content, for example recipes and inspirational posts to support appropriate eating and diets.

With the coming of this microsite, Kerries is effectively positioning it as an educational portal site without the hard-sell to see its online store. Having said that, it’s also quite easy for consumers to connect to the online store, as links to it are abound. By leaving out any sales pitch on the microsite, it can help to deliver a message that Kerries truly wants its patrons to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The principal idea behind this strategy tends upon typical consumer behavior that revolves around immediate gratification. Kerries’s approach offers easy convenience, reducing the likelihood of customers being sidelined by other on-line grocery stores.

Utilizing Social Media to its Fullest


In addition to the microsite, Kerries used another key element within its internet marketing plan: marketing through social media. As the business was large enough, they did not require the assistance of a third party social media agency. It kickstarted this plan with the essential but vital task of signing up for their very own official social media profiles.

Direct management of these social media accounts meant that Kerries could broadcast their marketing campaigns and promotions whenever they were finalized. Such efficiency inevitably means that users are always up to speed on the latest deals and news.

More notably, Kerries kept complete control over their on-line brand image. Competitors could easily and discreetly create a fake account to spread false info about Kerries and misrepresent its products. The development of an official accounts instantly prevents this threat and functions as a reliable source of information.

Providing Excellent Online Customer Support

Customer care does play probably the most important part in increasing customer trust in the brand. The perception of a company relies heavily on customer support reliability and effectiveness. Kerries’s practices are a great model to exemplify.

To prove this, Kerries maintained a really specialized social networking profile to handle and resolve customer grievances. This helped to ensure that customers have a proper route to direct their responses, while other users can shop freely without having to be encumbered by unrelated messages.

Specific training is offered towards the Kerries Support Services staff on the best means to communicate with customers. A happy and down-to-earth method is encouraged while staying helpful and handling concerns immediately. This shift towards depicting itself as less corporate aids in bringing customers closer, since they will believe that an actual individual would be more vested in working out their issues.

How it worked out

To put it simply, the proof is for all too see. Kerries’s digital marketing strategy led to them clenching around one third of the share of the market. This, as compared to their closest competitor that hung on to only half of that. It was definitely something the top management could brag about to the board and its shareholders.

With its new digital marketing plan, Kerries’s future seems to an excellent one. Through the development of more online content and even mobile uses, Kerries’s dedication to technology is their catalyst to success. These programs should help them achieve an even wider demographic outside of conventional design and development of a website .

In Summary

You will discover lots of takeaways in Kerries’s instance. First of all, the digital age disrupts and shakes all organizations, regardless of how big they are. Digital marketing and social media marketing has flattened the arena to the point where new startups can grab the market share of a market giant that has been complacent with its standing.

It’s become undeniably apparent that creating an internet presence through digital media is a no brainer in Singaporean business approaches. By forgoing it, a company’s share of the market can rather quickly be seized by more digitally knowledgeable competing firms.

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